My New Blog Home

Carried on from my old blog here.

Hey everyone, welcome to my new blog home. Im loving wordpress so I thought Id set a blog up here.

I do not have much to report on today, as the title of my blog would suggest, so instead I will give you a round up of some funny events (at least to me) and some good events of my week:

  1. Harvest: Yesterday at the school I work at as a TA it was Harvest Festival. We had some really great assemblys in the morning. I really had to try and not laugh at the reception pictures, because to be honest most looked like they had just stuck there hand in paint and swirled it round on the page, although one did have a very impressive looking goose on. Im with year 4 and not be biased but I thought ares was the best, even if we did leave the most mess lol! Then I went delivery some of harvest boxes with the year 6’s to the old fokes home across the road which was fun, it was a lot bloddy warmer in there then in our school, its so cold.
  2. Keys: On monday I managed to lock myself out of my house. I went to uni for 3 years and not once did I lock myself out. I had a lot to remember that day though because we had a TA meeting which I couldnt forget. And then a bunch of other stuff on top of that. Luckily I was with me mate Sharon (HIYA!!!), so I rang my dads work and they said they’d get a message to him to ring me, but he didnt so I went to the hospital where my sister works and managed to get the keys off her. But then I got a call from my dad saying he was near the house, even though I was told he was gonna call to tell me he was coming, and so I had to tell hime Id got the keys and go back to work. A v.stressful day.
  3. Heroes: Bloody fantastic how we get the new series of heroes only a week after the americans. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen, very intresting so farm but the whole Claire’s brain bit was v.icky.

I think really that is about it. I booked some tickets to go and see Moths ate my doctor who scarf which I cant wait to go and see. Also if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend you go see Potted Potter, it were bloody funny!



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