First Post SCD Blog!

Welcome to my first post SCD blog hope you like it, here are my thoughts for last nights show:

Best Overall Dance:

Tom has to be the best from last night, although I do believe that he might have had previous training, either that or he has come a long way over the past whatever they have been training. I liked the use of the Sam Sparro song, although I have been waiting for someone to use a song from Hairspray, and finally it happened last night (Austin and Erin used “You Can’t Stop The Beat”)

Worst Overall Dance:

I wish someone would put us all and him out if his misery. Gary cannot dance, and poor Karen who is actually amazing and has won before has got stuck with him. I hope he does go out and not John, who is my favourite lol!


How good was the girls group dance last night? I would say it has been one of the best group dances I have ever seen. My money is on Christine, cause I thought she did amazing in the group dance last night, and also on her seperate dance the week before.

Thats all for now, Ill give you an update tomo after I have watched the results show tonight!


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