I hate the post office

How glad am I that Gary got kicked off SCD?? V.Happy, made my day.

Today I was at school, and they were painting the back door. But they had to burn the paint off not sure why, so it literally stank everywhere, and because the door was open it made the school even colder than it already is. I am seriously thinking I might start wearing gloves, because my nails were literally blue. It was warmer outside.

Then after that I had to go to the post office, just to nip in. Ended up in there for 10 minutes, because only 2 out of the 5 counters were on. And then I had to suffer a posh snob from the grammer talking over me to someone stood at the other side complaining that she had to send her step mum a present. And the other girl was complaining about how she had to get yen to go on holiday. They really have a hard life. I have actually changed roots because im sick of them walking into on the pavement, just because they think they own it.

I am sure there is something else I wanted to write about, but if it were that important I would have remembered lol!


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