My Latest Bakes

I have been trying to back some recipes lately my first was a giant teacake, that I saw on fingertips (see recipe here):

This is it before I added the topping (actually bottom), this is the marshmellow filling.

This is the fine one!

It tasted horrible, but I dont think its the recipe I think it was the chocolate I used. I bought asdas own chocolater, cause Ive used morrisons own all the time for rocky road and it was fine, but asda’s when it melted it went all cakey and clumpy. I would advise against using it!

And yesterday I made brownies for a recipe from Nigella Express:

I think they turned out quite well, when I had one after about an hour of cooking it tasted undercooked, cause you have to be careful with brownies, but the hardened up a bit, and so when I had one tonight they were lovely.

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