Special SCD Blog

What was the topic of conversation in our staff room today? Educational Issues …. Nope!, the Credit Crunch…. Nope!, John Sergeant leaving SCD. It wa even on the bloody news!!! I think he did make the right decision though, and was right in saying that is he did win, it would be a joke too far. I think they should just let him on every week anyway lol, this does mean though that there will prob now be only 2 people in the final instead of 3, because they can’t bring the final forward, and they have to eliminate someone every week, but I dont think there has been three in the final for ages anyway. But for now, for all you John fans, its time to say goodbye…

And now for something fun, I love watching the vicar of dibley after school so here for you espcially are the jokes.

My fav is missing thought bout the inflatable boy.

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