Edible Hats


Is there such a thing as an edible hat! Because having told my sister that if Andy Murray didn’t make it through to week 2 of Wimbledon, I would eat my own hat, I have now been proved disastrously wrong! Granted, I am more often proved wrong than right (I said that both Avatar and Superman were going to be a whole load of hype, I now love Avatar and own Superman on DVD). However, I still remain faithful to my assumption that Twilight will be a whole load of crap, even though I have never watched it! I just know lol!

I defiantly don’t have anything against Andy Murray, I just have other players that I prefer, although they are now out. Andy is currently playing and my live score BBC website link says it is one set all against Ferrer (Roche lol! If he and Federer ever play it is going to be a nightmare of names lol!).

I would like to say something about my work, but I am not going to run my mouth off about it on my blog! I am a bit annoyed but I am only thankful that come September, I don’t have to do it anymore and I am really not going to let it bother me. It’s water off annoying ducks back!

Anyway, it is my day off tomorrow and I already know that I have to get a few layouts finished. as well as my Style Stealers article for Portrait Magazine. So I’ll be busy.


Song Of The Day: Demi Lovato – “Give Your Heart A Break” (just discovered her album it’s fab!)
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Currently sporting BarryM Retro 5 Purple.


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