Rain Rain, GO AWAY!

I have this idea, that I think it’s cool to sit and look out of a window while there is rain running down it. Granted, this is highly unlikely, as the last time I tried to sit on a window sill, I knocked the radiator off the wall true story).

However, as lovely a fantasy as that is, in reality, the amount of rain that is currently falling in England is immense. Whoever ticked off God needs to be found! I could take it if it was all day, but it just appears at random times. And now, it’s starting to get really muggy as well, so not only is it raining but it’s warm and that’s a right pain, cause you can’t out your hood up, cause it makes your head too hot!

Anyway, luckily I could live out my fantasy today and watch it from inside. Boo-yeah!

I did manage to get my layouts done today and I’m now working on my article!


PS. As I was typing I nearly crapped myself at the almighty sound of thunder and lightening!

Song Of The Day: Avril Lavinge – “Keep Holding On” (I am listening to this because I finally managed to sit through the entirety of the movie “Eragon” the other week and I was not disappointed in that it wasn’t good like I thought it would be. The only bit which was good was the bit that Garrett Hedlund was in! I was never planning to watch it again after my first attempt, but then I found out he was in it, so I had too! Good song though, too good for the film}
Nail Varnish Of The Day: I think I have four different ones on at the moment. On the thumb it Nicole By OPI Me + Blue and on two fingers I have Nicole by OPI Somebody Teal Love (I hate Justin Bieber but the nail varnish collection is good!) and then one two other fingers I have NYC Empire State Blue and all have a top coat of this Technic Blue Glitter, which is down stairs so I don’t have the name – possibly Mermaid!


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