Dream Wardrobe Finds!

I must admit that I do take a fancy to high end fashion sometimes. I do not own anything that could ever be classed as high fashion but everyone can dream! Because I do my style stealers article, I sometimes end up with some exact finds but also find a few things I would like to own, but know I never could. This being the first:

This Catherine Malandrino Lace-ruffled silk-chiffon blouse is so pretty, but considering it’s £310, it’s gone on the dream list lol! I just think this would suit me no end, so I’ll be looking for a cheaper version.

I have wanted a pair of Frye Engineer Boots for years!!! This is actually a more do able thing as they are £146.03 and I bet they would last for years. I think one day I will own these!

This I could definatly and really want to own! This Zuzi Zuzi Feather Print Tunic Top is from New Look and I saw it in town last week. But as usual, they didn’t have my size. They did in the black version, but I really love the red colour. I want it for my end of work do! I am going shopping with my friend Helen tomorrow, so I hope they have restocked!

Will let you know what I get tomorrow!


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