The Woes of HR!

I have attempted today to resubmit my work self payment claims, because our online HR system is so mind numbingly stupid. I have been trying to get this done since January and everytime I do it, something seems to go wrong! I am hoping this is the final time that I have to do this, as it is a nice sum of extra work money and I do have a purpose for it.

Managed to watch a good bit of the tennis today! I am so pleased that Andy Murray got through to the final! I can actually enjoy it this year. I don’t think I actually watched it last year, but I am not going to miss a Murray Vs Federer final. While I will be behind our Brit 100%, I will also be supporting Federer because I think it would be nice if he won another one. But then again, he’s won so many, it would be good for him to let someone else win for a change!

Song Of The Day: Demi Lovato – “Your My Only Shorty” (I hate the title of the song, but by God is it catchy lol!).
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Same as yesterday!

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