Wimbledon Finale!!!

I was going to add a nice little image to the top of this post, like I have with my other posts, but due to a sport injury on my left arm, it hurts to much to be fancy with photoshop. Well, I say sport injury, but unless you count extreme shopping a sport, then you might want to score out the sport part of the injury. I banged right into one of the columns in the middle of New Look yesterday! It hurt!

I got some lovely things yesterday on my shopping trip with Helen. I wanted to post some pictures, BUT New Look Online doesn’t have the dress I bought and I don’t think Internacionale has an online shop. I got two tops and some boots in there. I think I’ll take a picture of the dress and post it, as it’s beyond wicked!

Anywhoo, back to the actual title of the post. I can’t believe the Wimbledon final is here already. I think it’s going to be a really great one this year. I’ll be cheering on both players, as I think they are both really great at Tennis, and as much as I would love Andy Murray to win, if Federer did, I wouldn’t be upset either. I just hope that it doesn’t go on for too long cause sometimes, if there pretty even match, it can get relentless.

I think I should re title this post as hardly any of it is about Wimbledon lol.

Song Of The Day: No song today! Not really had music on yet!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nothing either! But my new Bundle Monster stamping plates arrived on Friday so I will experiment this afternoon!

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