The iPod walk!

Over the past few months, I have gained this irrational fear when I walk. I sometime wonder if when I am walking to and from work with my iPod, if I am doing the iPod walk – aka walking in time to the music on my iPod and maybe adding a bit of jazz hands to my walk. I sometimes can;t help it when I get really into a song! I just hope that I am not and that like most of my irrational fears, it is stupid. I don’t have many, they are:

  • Fear that I am going to fall over while walking
  • Fear that I am going to fall on wet pavements (that has proven to be true as have done it twice in the past school year and cut my elbow and knee)
  • Fear of lifts (Can’t stand them – would rather die of heart attack walking up endless stairs than going in one!)
  • Fear of bones in meat – yuk!

I must sound completely insane right! Well, next time you see someone walking to work with an iPod, just watch how they walk! It might make you laugh!

Disclaimer – While I mention the word iPod several times, I am no way affiliated with Apple (I WISH!), I simply favour iPod’s over (Official TV Talk) other generic mp3 players! Plus I don’t own an iPhone, iPad or Mac (I can dream!)

Song Of The Day: I really don’t know because I haven’t listen to a lot of music today!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: NON! Even is my Spider Man OPI arrived in the post! I met myself halfway and tried them on my toes!

Image: Source

Minor side note (cause when would it be my post if it didn’t have a side note completely unrelated to the topic!): Here is the trailer for the poster I showed you the other fay for “Oz: The Great and Powerful” Enjoy!


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