Far to excited about Comic Book Movies!!!!

You would have to have your head down a big hole to not realise that:

  1. It is currently Comic Con (which no one actually pronounces comic con more comicon!)
  2. There are a lot of comic book movies out!
  3. The Dark Knight Rises is out July 20th

I am literally giddy with excitement over the last one. Having just scouted Empire, they have given it a 5 star review, which must must mean it is decent lol! I never actually started the series till The Dark Knight, as I must have either passed over the first one or it didn’t interest me. Well, it does now! The Dark Knight is a fantastic film, even if the gunshots nearly gave me a heart attack. I don’t know what it is about our cinema, but they were heart pounding loud! I like the way the Joker was played as he wasn’t made out to be a clown more crazy and vindictive! This will be my school holiday treat but I may have to go by myself as everyone will be working!

Another bit of news to come from Comic Con, is the fact that Thor 2 and Captain America 2 have different names. Thor 2 is now “Thor: The Dark World” and Captain America 2 is “The Winter Solider”. Let me start off by saying that I might be a comic book movie geek but my knowledge of comic books is literally zero unless you count the Beano! So to me, they kind of meant nothing. But thanks to my reading of the Empire article, and the comments on the Digital Spy article, I think I have some understanding. While I have some understanding on the Captain America one, the Thor one doesn’t give too much away.

I have a thing about Thor. I ain’t the movies (Thor and Avengers – love em), or the actor who plays him, it is his hair! This kind of spoilt Avengers for me as I could not get past the fact that the dude had some incredible loreal do. His hair was imaculate – it was like his first stop when he came back from Asgard was the salon! And even after all that fighting – not one single lock out of place! If I’d come all the way from Asgard I would closely resemble Marge Simpson in the face the humidity would do me a good en! I have now planted the seed, so please all watch Avengers with this thought from now on! Check out this pic (link) and tell me I’m not crazy (or if you wish, just plain crazy!)

Don’t even get me started on the UK name change! I’m sure there would have been lots of 80’s (I don’t know the era was it 60’s) fans of “The Avengers” that would have gone to see that, only to find out it wasn’t about a woman and man crime fighting team (I really don’t know if this is correct having been born in the late 80’s – please humour me!).


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