Email Mess!

As it’s coming up to the six weeks holidays, I am deciding on some task that I will try and complete, so I don’t end up sitting about doing nothing (Not my words, as according to my Dad, sitting and watching endless movies/tv shows counts as doing nothing!). One of these tasks is something I should of done a heck of a long time ago – sorting my email.

Here is my method for reading email:

  1. Sign In
  2. Delete any straight away that I know are junk!
  3. (This is where I come unstuck) read the remaining emails but do not delete them!

That is why there are currently 68 pages worth of emails in my Hotmail! And that not just it. I have another Hotmail as well, because I thought my original one got hacked and then I couldn’t be bothered to switch my mailing list etc and then I have a gmail for my android phone but because I like the setup of gmail, I started using that email too. It’s a vicious cycle that I need to end, as I now can’t find the important emails throught the “Great Offer” and “Latest News” emails. I’ll end up buying an old thinking it’s their latest album at a offer which isn’t available anymore!

It’s amazing how many mailing lists and things like that you sign up to without realising! So I’m gonna try and delete anything I do not use anymore. It’s gonna be a hard job lol!

Off to do something very techy now! Removing the hard drive from my old laptop and placing it into a HDD enclosure! I feel like I’m from MI5 or Spooks or something!

Song Of The Day: It’s hard again because I haven’t been listening to anything new or anything that would be of the day worth!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: NON! This is nearly a week now lol! But come tomorrow I am going to do my nails for my work’s do on Friday and hope they don’t chip while I’m at work on Friday lol!

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