A bit of child hood nostalgia

It’s my day off wahey! My last ever because I’ll be full time after the holidays, so I won’t be having any lovely mid week jollies! I mostly spent a lot of today researching some cool hair ideas for my works do tomorrow. I did say I was gonna post pictures of the dress but I haven’t bothered to take one yet and it ain’t on new look (quickly checks again!).

But, for a partial part of the day, I actually indulged myself in some of my old favourite kids tv shows. This is where youtube is a god send, because my video player has packed in, so I couldn’t watch my video. One of my old time favourite kids tv shows, was the fabulous Rosie and Jim!

Image: Source (metro.co.uk/via Google)

I use to watch this show all the time when I was younger (and apparently at nearly the 1/4 mark!) and it is just as funny as it was then. But I only actually remember 4 episodes of it, because it’s the 4 we had and still do, on video. Now, I wasn’t one of those kids who scrutinized kids show for their details, although I draw the line at Spongebob Squarepants. It is scientifically impossible for a sponge and a squirrel to both live under water and it is logically impossible for a sponge to be called bob, wear square pants and talk! But that’s a different argument for another day!

The one thing I could never get past, was in the episode called “Shopping”, where if we were putting it in simple terms, Rosie and Jim quite literally do a bit of shoplifting! Even as a child, I always noticed that when they buy flowers, it says 50p a bunch, but they pay 50p for two bunches and then Jim nicks another flower from another bunch. Still, I bloody love this show!

I sincerely hope I haven’t spoilt anyone’s childhood memories!

Song Of The Day: I finally got the music off my old hard drive, so now I have loads to choose from in iTunes! Currently enjoying “Like A Prayer” from Glee.
Nail Varnish Of The Day: It’s back! I did some lovely nail art that got messed up, but I am currently wearing a right beauty lol! It’s O.P.I “Number One Nemesis” from their Spider-Man Collection. I got a great deal on eBay. 3 full sized from the collection for around £12. Bargin!


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