Bored already!

I knew it would happen! I am on day 2 of my 6 weeks holidays and I can officially be filed in the “Bored” draw. For some insane reason, I thought I would actually have more to do. Turns out I don’t and I’m that boring. I think it doesn’t help that out of all my friends, I am the only one who works in education and so they are all still working. However, I am determined to turn this sorry mess around.

First off, I have started by sending a strongly worded email to a stores customer services, after not being given a refund on two faulty items. Then I am going to continue work on a story I am writing. I am always having ideas for stories, I don’t know if it’s because I watch a lot of movies or not. The one I am trying to finish is a great work in progress, as I think I started it two summers ago lol This means I always have to change references to music at the time and what not. Then tonight, I am finally going to see The Dark Knight Rises (knight with a k as I am forever spelling it night).

As for the rest of my week, these are some of the things I have planned:

– Sort out ever increasing nail varnish collection – it is threatening to consume me!
– Sort out back – I have woken up today with a very sore back. I fell down the stairs when I was younger (I say stairs, it was 3, I was near the bottom) and suffer with back time every now and then.
– Buy a birthday first for my friend Sharon (whose birthday is far to close for time to post lol!)
– Sort out my own list of Birthday presents! This is a good one, it is less than a month away now – I think I would like an eReader, which is going to be two presents in one cause I’ll get and eReader and my Dad will stop complaining at my expanding book collection. Just like my nail varnish addiction, this is threatening to consume me too. I have books on my shelf, in boxes, next to bed, in cupboard. I’m pretty sure I bought some and now can’t find them too lol!
– Find a new hobby! I love collecting hobbies, so this should be a good one.


Movie Of The Day: It has got to be The Dark Knight Rises, even though I have yet to see it!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: I did it. I have A Barry M Black varnish on all my nails, then on my thumb I have a Miss Sporty Yellow, with this Bundle Monster Stamp.


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