Horrible Customer Service

I am really at the end of my tether with the quality of Customer Service I am receiving from a store at the moment. I had two items of clothing which I washed once, as instructed and the design washed off. I had managed to get a replacement for one after it happened the first time, but they are trying their best to find any excuse not to give me a refund the second time.

First, they told me by the medium of sight, that to them it looked like the clothes had been tumble dried and through all their trying to be niceness, they basically told me it was my fault. I didn’t know if they had been or not (I’m lazy – my dad washed them!). But I knew in the back of mind they hadn’t which my Dad confirmed. I contacted their head office, who basically told me to try again in store. Yet they still won’t give me a refund, even though they’ve been washed as stated – their excuse being member of staff haven’t had the issue and no one else has brought them back.

I’ve emailed trading standards now cause it’s just getting on my nerves and if I don’t get it sorted soon, it will be out of the 28 days money back guarantee. I’m hoping to hear something on Monday but I am down over £25 with two tops I can’t wear! It is complety ridiculous!

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