I love Instgram! I was so glad when it finally was available on Android! So I thought I’d share a few of my pictures with you:

I will admit I put a lot of pictures of my nails on instagram! This is my favourite that I did for going to see the Olympic Torch Relay. Rather than the torch, I think I’ll remember most that day getting more drenched than I ever had in my entire life, it bucketed it down!

I do a lot of baking, and this is a compare and contrast between a cake I made and the picture in the book. It’s called a Grasshopper cake. It’s three layers of chocolate cake with a green mint icing, it was very tasty!

As I mentioned above and in my long winded post about it, it rains a lot where I live, as proven by this rather fetching picture! I actually like this picture a lot!


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