Sick as a dog! (Hense the picture!)

There seems to be a recurring theme, whenever I am off on Holidays, and this 6 weeks off is no exception! I am only a week into my holidays, yet I am sick! I do not understand why this seems to happen. My last holiday was a write off because I was ill from the Saturday to the following Friday, so my week off was rubbish!

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s better to get it now, than to have days of work, but it doesn’t half pick the worst times! I am just about getting my voice back though I would think people might think that it was a godsend that I didn’t have it! But at least I can still type a load of nonsense rather than speak it, although it made for hard work arguing with the customer services yesterday when my sentences kept ending cause I was going too high pitch and you couldn’t hear me!

I am going to cheer myself up by watching some Olympic Tennis, cracking further into my box full of movies and generally being lazy!


Food Of The Day: New category! I had a gorgeous bakewell tart, I would literally live off them if they weren’t so bad for you!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None, but I am just going to finish a new article I am writing for Portrait Magazine featuring some lovely nail art!

Image: Source

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