There is a big giant reason….

There is a big giant reason why I don’t often go in New Look alone – they have amazing shoes! Sadly, the lure of New Look proved too much today and I found that they had some rather fantastic new boots in!!! And having just bought a new pair from another store, this is quite frankly killing me lol!

These were the first ones I saw in store and I am massively lusting after them now. I have a pair just like this from New Look before and I wore them till they fell apart. They also do them in tan and they are only £34.99!!!

I am still waiting for these to come down in price a bit as there £59.99  but they are bloody glitter fantastic if you ask me!

I saw these in store today as well and just think they would make the perfect everyday boot. I tend to wear boots for work, so I go through a lot of pairs cause I do a lot of walking.

Although I can’t get away with skulls for work, I do love anything with a skull print. I’m waiting for these to come down a bit too as their £59.99 but fingers crossed!

Let’s hope the birthday fairy leaves me lots of lovely spends soon!


Olympic Sport Of The Day: Gymnastics, in another life I would make a fantastic one lol!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: It’s back, I am wearing a rather shiny fantastic shade of blue, OPI Spider-Man Collection in Into The Night.

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