Weird Night!

Last night, I woke up to this awful feeling that someone was in my house. It was in the middle of the night, closer to morning I think, but I couldn’t get to sleep for ages afterwards. The thing about my house is that, the walls between my house and my neighbours are either really thin or my neighbours are really noisy (50:50 I’d say), so I literally hear everything at night. I can hear them going into the bathroom, I can here them talking and I can hear them slamming doors because that apparently how you need to shut them. I remember waking up on night, so scared, because my next door neighbour was thundering up the stairs that loudly, I thought that they were in my house. It was horrible!

Now, here is the funny part. I thought at the time this person was cleaning their teeth! Why the hell would someone break into your house to do this! I knew really though that no one was in my house because I know the sound of the stairs and the floorboards and they creak no end. Unless they were floating! Maybe it was a teeth cleaning ghost!


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