Trailer Time: From Up on Poppy Hill

I am a huge huge huge fan of Studio Ghibli movies! I have seen a lot of them, but I am yet to Arriety, cause I stupidly got my dates wrong at the cinema and missed it! I don’t know if I have a real favourite, I do really like My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service, but I also really loved Grave Of The Fireflies and Nasicaa: Valley Of The Wind. They have a new one coming out called “From Up on Poppy Hill”. I was reading on Empire though that this one is not being released with an English dub track. Now, if anyone knows me, I put the bloody subtitles up even when it is in English, which annoys my Dad no end, but I tell you, I’ve gotten some jokes through reading that I didn’t get through hearing! I first watch Princess Mononoke with subtitles, so this doesn’t worry me too much!

I think this is a bit of different story, from the rest of the movies, even if there are familiar films, I think what it deals with is very grown up, in a way. I hope it get’s a UK release, even if it’s just DVD.


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