How a 4 Drawer Set Made Me Happy!

Today, I have finally bought some drawers to fit in the bottom of my wardrobe!!! I have literally not been as happy as this in ages and that my friends, is pathetically sad! I know it might seem crazy to be this excited over drawers, but I have been trying to get some for about the past month, that will fit in my what I call (Miranda!) half wardrobe and today, I found the perfect ones in Wilkinson, for a steal at £15. I am already putting one draw as the nail draw lol So I have a lovely afternoon of sorting out my wardrobe, although I now realise my obsession with huge bags, may cause an issue, as they will not fit in any of the drawers.

I am also happy, because today I finally received a refund on the two faulty tops I bought. Even more, I got a top very similar to one of the faulty ones, in New Look, it was cheaper, nicer design and after one wash, the design is still on it! It just goes to show that the quality of those other tops, was crap. So I am now going to write a lovely email to new look, which they might find weird, but I just thought I’d be nice to them. I am going to do a dream wardrobe post in a moment, because there is a bucket load of clothes I would love from New Look and as it’s my birthday a week today, I might just have to go spend!

TV Show Of The Day: I am sorry but I can’t get enough of Thelma’s Gypsy Girls, I can’t wait to watch the last one tomorrow!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non and I was going to get the limited edition Barry M Jewel Britannia, but it wasn’t in my Boots! But, as a lovely alternative, I scored some fab Sally Hansen Nail effects, which I don’t think you can really get in the UK, for £3.99 each. So I’ll be trying those out later.

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