Sally Hansen Nail Effects Review

I don’t often rave about a product, but yesterday, as I mentioned, I managed to score some Sally Hansen nail effects. I don’t think you can really get them in the UK, so I was quite pleased to get some. The pattern’s were from the Halloween collection, but they are still very wearable in everyday.

Having tried nails wraps before, I was a tiny bit sceptical, because I didn’t really like them, but the Sally Hansen ones, well, their in a league of their own really. One word … Amazing!

They come in a little box which is cute and you get 16 different sized strips. I like that they were separated into two because then you could use the same size stripes on each hand and not get them all confused. You also got a 3 part nail file and an orange stick. The prep instructions were really easy to follow, except when they use the word nail colour remover. Nothing personal, just prefer nail polish remover, something like that, just makes it sound like a branded product. The prep doesn’t take long at all.

I found the strips really easy to manage. They come separate, with a protective cover. They are double ended, with each end being a different shape, to suit your nail shape. This was really great, as some of my nail beds curve more than the others. They are very malleable, which means you can easy stretch them to fit the shape of your nail. I found I didn’t have to stretch them too much, which was good. What I also liked was your filed away the excess, whereas with nail wraps, I had to cut it because if I filed it, it came away from the nail. I really only went wrong once, when I got an air bubble in it. You never really have to do any shaping round the nail edge either.

I think what I like most if the fact that it feels like real nail polish, not a sticker. The wraps I used before where quite dense and felt and shined like a sticker, whereas these are so much thinner and have a nice shine, but not overly. They say that they last up to 10 days. I’ve had mine on for not 24 hours yet and they are still looking good. But I’ll update you on that!

I would highly recommend these to anyone if you can get them. I only paid £3.99 and while I can’t do a full hand again, I could use them for accent nails. Here are mine via Instagram:


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