The Lost Art of The MixTape

If people haven’t got it by now, from reading my blog, on Saturday it is my Birthday!!! To celebrate this occasion, my friend is taking me on a shopping trip to Blackpool. So, if you see someone walking around with a big old bunch of Primark bags, it’s probably going to be me! I know what I’m getting for my birthday, because I chose it. I am getting a Kobo E-Reader in lilac. So, if you have any suggestions as to what my first book should be to download, I’ll willing take them, as it kinds of an important milestone really. When someone asks me what I downloaded first, I really don’t want it to be something embarrassing like a really bad chick lit book (yes I read chick lit). Please be warned – I don’t do books that are hyped up, or anything with gore or violence lol

Off topic – Anyway, for our journey to Blackpool and to keep us entertained, I thought I might make a mix CD, which is something I haven’t done in like forever! Now, correct me if I’m wrong, did iTunes not use to have a burning function on it! The problem with wanting to make this mixtape, is a lot of my newer music is actually downloaded from iTunes, so I am slightly limited in some of the newer songs that I would like to add to the mixtape (I say tape, it’s a bloody CD!).

I defiantly know that I am gonna put a little bit of cheese on there – like Abba! Twice, me and my friend have been to see this fantastic Abba tribute act, so there has to be some on it. I might put a wee bit of Glee on it to, just cause you know, it’s Glee! I got a few good remixes lately, so I might shove them on, but apart from this, I just really want it to be upbeat, so no ballads! I shall let you know the final track listing as soon as I made it.


Song Of The Day: See the post below lol “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor “Awesome” Swift
Nail Varnish Of The Day: My Sally Hansen Nail Effects are still cutting the mustard at the moment, I have a few chips, but (and this will make you laugh), I was cutting an onion the other day, so I had to put goggles on, which mean I couldn’t wear my glasses, so I had to lean right up close to the onion. This onion was literally death, it stung my nose so bad, it was that strong!

Update: iTunes does indeed have a burning function lol! I am le idiot!


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