I went on a bit of a spending spree on EyesLipsFace that other day and scored some really great goodies.

First off, I got some Individual Last Kits in Black. I have never used fake eyelashes but I have always wanted to try them and these little individual ones looked like a good starter. I put them up against my own lashes and they blend in really well. I’m not sure when I’m going to wear them yet, but they’ll go in my kit lol!

I adore any of their lip products, I will say I own a lot of their glosses lol! I got two on recommendations from another site (which I can’t remember). I got the Lipstick in Nostalgic. It is like the perfect nude lipstick, which I have been looking for for ages. I have a couple by Barry M, but they are a little two pale by themselves, whereas Nostalgic has a warmer undertone. I think it will be my everyday go to (apart from 17 Beehive!). I also got the Glossy Gloss in ballet slipper and again, it’s a perfect nude with a slightly warm undertone. I really like the applicator of this too.

I use bronzer almost everyday, just because I literally do not tan and thankfully do not burn, yet I am naturally white as a ghost lol! I have been using another elf bronzer “Luminance” and it is so well used, that I am down to the pan and have broke the lid off lol! So I got the Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder, cause I use an Elf Blush too, but I think it’s a bit sparkly for everyday. I only swiped my finger on the palette and got a lot of colour, so I shall experiment before wearing outside. The only off putting thing is on the box the bronzer colour looks awful. It looks like a swap green, when it’s more brown. I also got a Translucent Matifying Powder Compact. I do sometimes use those little paper mattes but I think I compact would be better. I have translucent powder from boots, but I think it’s very orange. This gives such good coverage, I used it on no make up skin and it’s instantly made my skin my even! So I’m looking forward to carrying this around.

Finally, my last item, which is my lazy item! After seeing a tutorial on The Persian Babes You Tube channel (check it out) on an everyday smoky eye, I gave it a go and really loved it. It was so much subtler and could wear it for work. But, all my eye shadows were in different palettes. so I got Flawless Eye-shadow palette in Tantalizing Taupe, simply because it had all 4 in one! I haven’t tried it yet, but their lovely colours.

I got the free tote too, which is now in my bag. I love carrying around little totes, so I don’t have to get plastic bags!

Aside from all that, I finally manage to get Terminator Salvation in a DVD on it’s own so bonus! I am currently swatching all my nail polishes on to fake nails, so I can see what I own and mourn the fact that I own way way to many! I am going to make Easy Garlic Cheesy Bread for my lunch and I successfully got through season 2 (minus a free episodes I’d seen recently) of The Big Bang Theory in 2 days – Bazinga! I did make my mix cd and I will put the track listing up, I just did them and added others that weren’t on my list.


Food Of The Day: Hopefully, fingers crossed, cheesy garlic bread!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None, my nail effects were chip beyond repair and I cut all my nails off!

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