25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25!

I typed this in to Google and click on the first result that came up, which happen to be this post @ thoughtcatalogue.com. So I decided to see if I had done any of them. I must be the most boring person on the planet, because I have literally done about 3 if that. So, I am going to write and alternative 25 things to do before 25 – mostly based on myself:

  1. Stop at nothing to get the career you want! – I had so many set backs in getting to my goal, but I got there and I now love me job, so much that I wish I was there right now.
  2. Attempt to learn a musical instrument, don’t fail miserably but never actually learn to play it properly. – I have a guitar and I’m teaching myself, but I don’t think I’ll be winning a Grammy in my lifetime.
  3. Find one social network you love and stick to it – I have a facebook and pinterest which I never bloody use, but you’ll find me on twitter everyday!
  4. Find something that you aim to collection, even if people deem it a useless collection – I have amassed over 100 nail polishes and I don’t intend on stopping and time soon. I also have 4 shelves full of DVD’s and an overflow.
  5. Aim to watch a boxset of a TV series in as short as time as possible – Just these last few days, I have watched a season of Big Bang Theory in less than 2 days around my usual shows and other things.
  6. Fight for your rights! Twice I have nearly been fobbed off trying to get refunds, but I stuck to my guns and I got them, because I was in the right.
  7. Do one thing that you know will scare you to death – Granted, this is small but I had a filling without a needle, to me that is epic!
  8. Find “Your” Drink – I was jealous of people who had their regular tea or coffee order at Starbucks, because I don’t drink either. I found my drink in a Coconut and Mango Slushie! It is De-lish!
  9. Embrace technology, while keeping one foot in the “past” – I have a phone, iPod, netbook ect but while I am getting an eReader for my birthday, to me, the book is forever epic, at least a book doesn’t cut out if it’s battery runs out and if you drop a book in a bath, it won’t electrocute you. Actually, add books to the collection!
  10. Find a sense of style and stick with it – I don’t care what people say about the latest fashions – I like what I like and I’m gonna wear it.
  11. One for the Women, discover either your perfect scent or lipgloss – While I have more than one of both, I have an absolute favourite that I always go to.
  12. Pick as many movie stars to have a crush on as possible and imagine you know them! Better yet, imagine you are starring in a movie with them. I should write a long list, but I would be here all night.
  13. Pick a colour and stick with it – Purple!
  14. Don’t worry if you have never left your country or gone overseas (Ireland doesn’t count) – It just means you are saving up all those crappy little holidays for the one big life changing experience – One way ticket to Australia!
  15. Have a secret that no one knows – obviously nothing illegal, but something that no one would expect of you. I realise however that the secret I have from the people I know, I have wrote on this blog. Let’s hope they don’t read it.
  16. Never worry if you lose friendships or touch – it just means the friends you have are obviously the ones that are meant to be with you for life – as much as they try to get rid of you or you try to get rid of them.
  17. Spend big on one item that is totally not worth it – I am hoping to do this tomorrow!
  18. Aim to teach yourself as many things as you can – the skill of self learning is incredible!
  19. Don’t worry if you can’t drive – it just means you get to walk, enjoy the luxury of public transportation and get the odd cold from walking in the rain.
  20. Appreciate the weather – you can’t do anything to change it and it so temperamental, you just need to go with the flow.
  21. Eat whatever the hell you want – don’t worry if you don’t like that many vegetables or you have one too many ice lollies (my go to for when I’m poorly).
  22. Don’t obsess about your teeth, even if they look a little freaky, if you can smile, that’s enough.
  23. Don’t get mad when people say your too easy going and don’t stress enough – just feel happy in the fact that they probably envy it!
  24. Guilty Pleasure – whether it’s a movie (Tron Legacy) or music (Abba) – you got have one and embrace the hell out of it.
  25. Never try and think of 25 things to do before your 25 – it just reminds you of the things you wish you hadn’t done or the things you haven’t done!

Cop out on the last one I know. I probably won’t do a bday blog til Sunday, because my plans have now reversed and I am going to Blackpool again, so let’s hope the damn CD works!


2 thoughts on “25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25!

  1. I have now realized what a boring life I lead! As an eighteen year old I’ve only successfully learned NOT to drive because I cherish time with my friends as they drive me around.

  2. I totally get that. I enjoyed a lovely time with my friend in her car today. I haven’t learned to drive either.

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