Birthday Haul!!!

I’m back! I had a really great birthday yesterday, it was lots of fun. In this post I’m gonna talk a bit about what I got, not for the purpose of bragging, but I believe that a lot of people are nosey like me and like to know what presents people got lol

Most of what I got on my birthday, I bought myself, on my shopping trip to Blackpool. But my main present was a Kobo eReader in Lilac. It has fascinated me already, because I love that it has a web browser on to, even if it is black and white, it’s always gonna be useful. I did say I wanted to have a momentous first download, but I won’t humiliate myself by telling you what the first book I actually downloaded was. I am gonna have to come up with a really good lie lol. Then from my sister, I got a selection of Gorjuss stuff. I really love this brand, you get it in a lot of gift shops and boots. I also got some of the models own beetle juice collection, Arriety (wahey!) and a cake decorating kit, which I look forward to experimenting with. From my friend Sharon (hey Sharon, if your reading), I got a goregous (I’m gonna call it blonde) scarf, which is incredibly fluffy. I can tell with the weather in England that I am going to get full use out of it lol! I also got a lovely Owl notebook, which I funnily enough have the matching stationary for and a pair of socks:

From my friend Helen, I got a lovely Me To You Bear Mug (which as I don’t drink hot drinks, I may use to hold my make-up brushes) and some lovely smellies!

Then, as you know, I went to Blackpool and luckily, the CD did not skip at all! So we enjoyed some great tunes and cheese on the drive down lol! I would love to say that I bought lots of really nice clothes, but I was dead boring really. I got lots of underwear, cause it’s cheap and primark lol! they had a lovely new nail varnish range and I got a pink orange called “Sorbet” and a glitter green called “Emerald Isle”. I got two lovely set’s of PJ’s – one with cakes on (naturally) and one, which I can’t stop looking at, with ELMO on! lol! I got some hello kitty socks and some with monkey’s on. I got a lovely new make-up bag, a bracelet, a very comfy grey/black stripey jumper and a coral/blue aztec print cardigan. But the best buy were these fantastic boots! I was gonna get a different pair as well, but they were a bit too small:

By the way, I don’t own red trousers, there my elmo pjs lol! I didn’t get anything in the other shops we went to, there wasn’t really much around. It was a good shopping trip but I hope it’s better next time we go. I will also show you a picture of my cake. I asked for it to have three things – chocolate, white chocolate and purple:

Plus, the big guy upstairs kept his bargin with me for it not to rain – and while it did in the morning a little, it was lovely and sunny (if a bit too hot) the rest of the day. But I had a fantastic day and thank you to everyone on twitter, who tweeted me!


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