Shopping for Trouser = Nightmare

As you have guess from what I have written on my blog, I love clothes and I love shopping for clothes. However, there is one part of shopping that is the bane of my existence – shopping for trousers! I cannot stand shopping for trousers, because more often than not, I can’t find any that fit!

I wouldn’t say I basketball player tall or anything like that, but my legs I longer than the average, so I really need either clothes from the tall section or 34″ at a push. As well, I am not a skinny model type either, but shops seem to have this opinion that slightly chunkier people, can’t have a long leg (legs :)) either. So when it comes to buying trousers, I am a shops worst nightmare. Dorothy Perkins and New Look both had a really good tall rang, but both of my local stores seem to have ditched their tall range altogether and online, they only tend to have jeans in, which I can’t wear for work. I would wear leggings more, but the quality in most shops is so poor. I have a pair, which holed on their first wear. I also have to be careful with the waistband, because I sit down a lot for my job and I hate it when they dig in because their stiff.

But, I am determined! I am going to go to Asda, because their George range is really good for leg length and generous sizing. I noticed a lot of trousers are skinny at the moment and while I do like that, I would prefer a straight leg and they tend to have a good variety of legs (that sounds weird lol!). I really should have thought about buying work clothes maybe a few weeks ago, rather than with 1 week left of my holidays! I’m not the best for timing.

In other exciting news, I finally actually bought an item on my dream wardrobe list. I got the Black Aztec Print Top from New Look today and I am very pleased with my purchase. I could have literally cleared their Cameo Rose range, but I didn’t thankfully. My telly cut out today and the signal went! I was actually in the kitchen while it was turning on, so I just thought it was really quiet, but no we had no signal. It’s back now, but in all the confusion, I turned on a film thinking it was the start, but it was the bloody end! I finished Avatar again today, I must admit I like it considering it took me so long to watch it (I thought it was a lot of hype, which I think it still is a little, I think the technology of it took over, because underneath it, it’s quite a regular story). And that’s about it, I think.


Quote Of The Day: Although I said this yesterday, I also thought it today. Rather than speak about the great quality of acting, or the fantastic cgi ect, my thoughts on Avatar were – “God, Sam Worthington has skinny legs”. Over my head lol!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Angelica (which isn’t a primark range, just sold their) in Emerald Isle (thumb) and Sorbet (fingers).

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