You gotta keep it neat!

When it comes to organising things, I am not the most. If you were to look in my drawer, they hide a multitude of sins! I am of the organised mess persuasion – it might look messy but I know where everything is! Having said that, when it comes to things like CD’s, DVD’s and Books, I am rather anal – everything has to look perfect. My books are sorted by author, although I would like to sort them by the colour of the spine, but then I would know that there out of author order. My CD’s are sorted two ways, one stack has one off’s, albums from artist I only own one of. Then, the second stack has the artists that I listen to the most and own more than one of the albums, and the albums are in order of release.

If you think that’s bad, then you should see my DVD shelf. No one but me can organise it. My sister did it once, and quite frankly she got the whole thing wrong! They are sorted first by their distribution companies (Disney, Warner ect!), then they are sorted by genre, then colour of the spine. It sounds weird, but you kind of have to see it and know that it’s in the right place. It is very very technical! I shall soon be reorganising it, as for an insane reason, I’ve ended up with 18 new dvd’s in the last month and literally only have enough room for about 8. And here is the big issue! The Arriety DVD I got for my birthday, has a different distribution to the other one! This is just like the Narnia swap all over again (I know it’s FOX (I think!) but it has to go with the series (Disney) – It’s my dirty little secret!).

This moan all cam about, because I am going to be organising some books tomorrow, because quite frankly they are in a sorry mess. Here’s another good reason for getting an ereader – it organises itself!


TV Show Of The Day: And one that I sadly miss! Ugly Betty – Thank you E4!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: NYC 112 Times Square

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PS, here is an old picture from my instagram of my DVD shelf:


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