Shopping for Lunchboxes is insanely fun!!!!

The title of this post, probably make you think that I have gone slightly insane. But tis true – shopping for lunchboxes was the most fun I had in one morning. I say morning, because I spent at least 2 hours on ebay looking for lunchboxes! I am going to be working full time this year, which means I am going to be having my lunch at work. It actually works out better because I get it around 12 rather than closer to 2. And no offense to anyone with a plain lunchbox, but I wanted something a bit more exciting to be eating my lunch out of.

And while I did spend hours on ebay, I actually got mine from Paperchase, who by the way, do fantastic Umbrellas. But while I was searching on ebay, I kept coming across these lunch boxes called Bento. From wikipediaering (is that even a word!) it, I found out that it’s Japanese and it’s like having your lunch in seperate compartments, one for rice, one for meat ect. The fact that they had Hello Kitty ones sent me bonkers, because I love love love Hello Kitty. If I can’t get it in purple, I get it in Hello Kitty and if I can get it in purple and Hello Kitty, well, then I just go crazy!

But still, it wasn’t that that I loved, it was a bento called Kyaraben, which mean character Bento. You literally have to see this to believe it, it is an insanely amazing way of having lunch! If I were kid, heck, if I were an adult, I would love to have my lunch like this! You can literally eat rice shaped like a Totoro, although that sound terrifying. I wish I could show you it, but google it, you’ll love it!

Album Of The Day: The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow. Could literally listen to this all day long, so soothing!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: NYC 112 Times Square! It surprisingly still on and very much chip free, considering what I did yesterday.

Image: Source

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