Nail Polish Haul

So, I went up to the Original Factory Shop today, in the hope of scoring some really great polished. And boy did I! I did restrain myself and only buy 3, but one I reckon is a complete bargain and the other two are fantastic.

(Yes, that is my email, do not read it lol!)

The first one is Essie in Orange, It’s Obvious. I’ve had a real thing for orange toned varnishes lately like NYC Times Square and OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever, because I am not a big red nails person, so this is my compromise. I will admit right off, this is very very similar to my NYC one, but it’s slightly deeper and has a better coverage. When I picked this up, it was mainly for the colour/price but I now know it’s from the Spring 2012 collection, so at £3 this has got to be a bargain, considering they rrp at £9.95. I am kicking myself now, because they had other colours from the collection in too, including mint green one, which I was gonna get, but went for this.

The next are two from the latest W7 collection. Thanks to The Nailasaurus for the tip off on these, cause they are fantastic! There very unusual and have a nice finish to them and good coverage too. The White one is called “Salt n Pepper” and the Blue one is “Mosaic”. These are literally like what you would get after layering lots of polishes but all in one bottle. I can’t wait to try them and another bargain at £2 each.

Please excuse my image quality, I did them in a rush!

Other thoughts of today: How good was Doctor Who last night. I love it when it comes back, because it reminds me that Strictly is coming and Merlin and Christmas lol! I really enjoyed it. I was reading some peoples thoughts online and seriously, they need to lighten up. They way to over analyse these kinds of things and it’s like they are intentionally looking for thoughts. If you don’t like it and moan about it, then why bother watching it.


Cake Of The Day: The fantastic Cherry Bakewell! I believe I might turn into one one day!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Currently, but due to purchases about to change, Barry M Colbalt Blue with OPI Into The Night over the top.

Image: Source

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