My First Official (Unofficial) Day Back At Work

So, today was my official (unofficial) first day back at work, as it was a training day, so I don’t know if that fully counts. I tell you what though, it came all too soon. It doesn’t seem long since I was typing out my post of all the fab things I was going to get up to on my holiday. So in summary, here is what I achieved over the holidays – aka bugger all!

  • Email Cleansing: I did clear a big bulk from one of my accounts, but my other remains as crazy and messed up as ever, thank god for the search function.
  • Finding a new hobby: Deny! I didn’t achieve any new hobbies or skills to add to my collection.
  • Buying trousers: This is did achieve! God bless the mecca Next for offering not only long sizes but tall sizes too! You literally saved me from having to convert to skirts!
  • Watching all the movies back up on my box: Epic Epic fail! If anything, I made the problem worse by not only recording more films, but purchasing several films on dvd, getting two boxsets and discovering E4 afternoons between 1 and 5.
  • Completing a Story: half achieved, I continued writing it but I have yet to complete it. And with everything on my list, I just seem to have come up with more ideas for other stories.

The only thing I succeeded in doing this Summer, is have a fab birthday! I’ll just take that and run with it!

Just for clarification purposes, I don’t work anywhere with diggers and nor will I ever. I don’t think I would mentally be allowed!

No other real news to report. My Big Bang Theory Season 5 boxset got stuck in the system know as Royal Mail, so I got it two days after it was released, even though I pre-ordered it and my Gossip Girl Season 5 one arrived on time. I also got a good pre-order on The Avengers (sod the assemble part!), so I will actually have a copy and I tell you, even though I have seen it, I am giddy with excitement about seeing it again. And I will try to restrain myself from staring at Thor’s hair. Although I watched Thor again recently and I think it’s his hair in The Avengers that I love, not in Thor, it’s not as glossy (God, stop this train of thought, digging a huge massive hole!). END

Outtake Of The Day: The Big Bang Thoery has really funny outtakes, but not as funny as the show, obviously!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: W7 Salt n Pepper, love it.

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