Beauty Haul September

So, here is my promised Beauty Haul, I do apologies in advance for the state of one of the pictures. I suffer from shaky camera syndrome, I have a real inability to keep a camera straight and focused!

Anywhoo, let’s start with the polishes. These are actually what I have purchased in the last week, I usually spread it out across the month. First off, the Revlon Nail Enamel in 441 Radiant. I actually picked this up for two reasons. I had spotted it in an advert in Company magazine and I really liked the shade. Also, my favourite ever nail polish is Gone Gonzo by OPI and it’s not easy to pick up now, being limited edition, I would think. This is not only cheaper, only .3ml smaller, but it is near on a dupe and hopefully be more readily available. I would say the only real difference is little green glitters as well as silver, but I’m so glad I picked it up. Next are a trio of Models Own. I really love this brand and these new ones I picked up are lovely. Blooboo, is a pale blue colour. This is very similar to Barry M Blue Moon, just a bit darker. But I have a load of trouble with the Barry M one and this seems a lovely formula. Boogie Nights, is from the New Mirrorball collection. You can pick up all 5 and a base/top coat for £20, but I don’t think I’ll use them readily, so I went with purple (obviously). I got the impression from the add that these might have a great coverage, which would have been amazing. I would say they are more a special topper, but there is a nice selection of glitter and not heavy on the clear varnish. Finally, Thunder and Lightening, is shade I just happen to spot, but I’m glad I got it. It’s almost jelly in consistency and won’t cover fully in three, but I think it’s so cosmic and would look amazing in one coat over black. I’m so glad I picked it.

Next up are some eyeshadows. I would estimate that over 75% of the eyeshadows I own are brown, it is just my favourite tone. I picked up the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, having heard about it on so many blogs. It’s suppose to be their equivalent of the Naked palette and it has some truely lovely colours in and not a bad quality applicator. I wish the shadows had names, but never mind. I also picked up a Natural Collection Eyeshadow Duo in Mocha/Latte. I like the smoky eye look, but a lot of my shadows are very metallic based, so I wanted something a bit more flat. These compliment each other beautifully and easy to pick it up in a rush to get ready for work.

Finally, I have wanted a brown liner for a while, as my black one is too intense for work. I first picked up Miss Sporty Kohl Kajai Eye Pencil in 018 Savage. I wasn’t too impressed with this, as the pay off on the water line was minimal, especially when your eyes start to water, but even without that, the colour payoff was poor. I had that with another Miss Sporty liner too. but I have found this looks nice lining the lid and eyelash line on my lower lid, then blending it. So at least it gets some use. I then picked up the Models Own Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Chestnut. I’d not heard much on their make-up until I got a free black liner, when I bought my first nail polish from their site. It is now my go too as the colour payoff is great and it has a great smudging end and pencil sharpener. The chestnut one is just as good and I can actually tell I’m wearing it, unlike the Miss Sporty one, but it’s not too harsh for work. Finally, this was a repurchase, I got the Miss Sport Fabulous Lash Mascara in Black. I has gone through at least 4 of these, it is just the most perfect mascara. I couldn’t recommend it more.

That’s it, hope you enjoyed the post! I’m now spent (up!).

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