Well hello … I’m not dead!

Yes, I’m officially not dead lol! It’s been ages since my last post, but I have been really busy having gone back to work. I think you can gather where I might work, having had 6 weeks off, but anyway, it’s been a busy few days/week so far. But I am enjoying it do far, in my new position, so lets hope it stays that way.

I haven’t been up to much otherwise lol I am currently sat with ice on my foot as I have literally been bitten to death and they really hurt. I have 6 massive bites and they are very painful. I don’t know if I am particularly tasty to bugs, but I always seem to get bitten. And no amount of cream or perseverance is stopping me from itching the crap out of them!

I have bought quite a few new beauty products lately, so I think I’ll do a beauty haul as my next post. And due to me being back at work, I have a massive stack of dvd’s waiting for me to watch and no time to watch them. I haven’t even watched Revenge from Monday yet. It’s a problem when you can just click and add to your basket, so I have Hugo, Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, Gossip Girl Season 5 and Big Bang Season 5 to watch, plus my Avengers is on it’s way. If it were probable, I would so take the day off work on Monday, just to watch The Avengers again.

What else … I am currently popchip-less, as I couldn’t find them in WHSmiths 😦 I think it’s probably because they are not in there yet, but I hope they come soon, they where really yummy. Speaking of yummy, I was far too lazy today to make my lunch, so I decided to buy it. I got the most gorgeous yoghurt flapjack, it was delish! I also got a graze box finally, here is a piccy of it:

So, that’s about it! I just wanted to check in and now I’ll go back to Ugly Betty.


Snack Of The Day: Has to be the yummy flapjack I had.
Nail Varnish Of The Day: I have a Sally Hansen Blue (not sure which off the top of my head), with a coat of Gone Gonzo over the top. More on that in my beauty haul!


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