What’s the point in Pre-Ordering?

Be warned, this is going to be a rant lol!

As a lot of you will know, The Avengers was out on DVD on Monday. So I decided a while back to pre-order it. I had a lot of trouble getting a good price, but then I found it at £8.99 on Amazon, but what they don’t tell you is that if you want to receive it on the day, then you have to pay for postage, when normally you wouldn’t. But then,I found that Sainsbury’s have their own entertainment site and it’s really good, so I pre-ordered it on there. So, come Monday, I was ready for it to drop through my letterbox, as I had got a dispatch email last Thursday. Well, what a big surprise when on Monday, no dvd arrived. And even more of a surprise when today, still no dvd! I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, you pre-order so you guarantee to get it on the day. I could have gone to sainsbury’s and bought it in this time.

I shouldn’t come as surprise to me really. The last dvd I pre-ordered from HMV though, also didn’t arrive till Wednesday, so I can hardly blame the companies, as they have posted them out. It’s the damn royal mail and their screwed up postal system. I can’t understand why it should take this long, considering it was posted before the date of release. Seriously, it makes you wonder why I even bother pre-ordering. Next time, I’m just gonna get it in store!

So, thanks for listening to that lol! In other update, my bites are finally disappearing after over a week. My foot swelled up like a good one on Friday. Also, I really do believe that the government is screwing up children’s education. After hiking up university prices so much, that no one can no longer afford to go, they are now thinking of scrapping the GCSE, including modular work, for one single exam. Working in education myself, I think this is such a wrong thing to do. I am a great believer that exams don’t show people anything. You can learn everything for an exam, have no clue what it means and come out with a top grade. Coursework and modular assessment, plus teachers assessment, can show a better true ability. Having worked with children for nearly 7 years, I can tell you, no one knows the true ability of a child better than a teacher. A child might come out with a low mark in a test, but a teacher knows what a child can really do. As well as that, there would be no tearing in the exam for ability. This is completely ridiculous, as this is what teachers do everyday in class. We differentiate work, so that children can grasp the concept at a level of work suitable to their needs. But I can’t really complain, as I didn’t vote, but come next time I have to vote, I’ll be their with skates on.

Phew, two rants for the price of all lol. I don’t think I have any other interesting news, so I’ll leave it there.


Snack Of The Day: HARIBO!!!!!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: My Model’s Own Thunder and Lightening, I thought it would last longer, but it chipped a good one today!


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