New Blog and More

Hey everyone

So, I’ve decided to start a new blog for writing about my fashion and beauty bits! I just felt this blog was getting a bit cramped and bogged down with that kind of post and I didn’t want this blog to about that, I wanted it to be more diary like, so that’s what I’m going to do. There might be the odd bit of stuff about fashion and beauty on here, but it will be more indepth at my new blog.

To put that in one sentence, this blog is for ranting and that blog is for beauty+fashion lol If you want to follow that blog it:

So, back to normal. Today, the heavens opened on my way home from town. It’s safe to say that the rule with British weather is ALWAYS TAKE AN UMBRELLA! Thankfully, I did. I didn’t spend much in town today, because I caved and bought the dress I wanted in New Look last week. My reason for doing so, is that I was miserable with a cold and needed cheering up, so sue me! It isn’t on the New Look website still, but it’s going to be in my September favourites on my new blog, so I will link to it. I got a No7 £5 off voucher, which I think I know how I’m going to put to good use. I’ve also racked up a fair amount of pointage, but I think I’ll save them till after Christmas!

I also didn’t spend too much because the lovely people who paid me have decided not only to pay me to my old contract, but to pay me into the wrong account. And because like everything nowadays, the payslips are computerized and I can’t get into my account, because it says my password is wrong (which it bloody well isn’t) and, yes there is more, when I try to reset my password, it says it doesn’t recognise me. I have probably rambled on about this on my blog before. Who ever invented my payroll system, needs a lesson in coding, cause there’s is a big mess of code that doesn’t work. I have emailed them, but most likely I will have to ring them tomorrow.

Did everyone watch the final Doctor Who last night? I thought is was, SUPERB! I really enjoyed it, more than the other episodes they’ve had lately, I can;t wait for the second half of the series to come back. But, this does mean that Merlin will be back next weekend, which I also can’t wait for! It really annoys me how people pick apart Doctor Who, when your look on Digital Spy, they literally rip it to shreds. If you don’t like it, the why the hell are you watching it in the first place, there is just no point to that, unless you love moaining about every fricking detail. I think one person in the comments summed it up well, saying doesn’t anyone just WATCH Doctor Who anymore, which is so right, most people are far to fan crazy over it. Just watch it and deal with it!

I think that’s about it for now, so I shall bid you farwell until the next time!


Thought Of The Day: Picked the wrong day to wear suede shoes!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None! That’s all.

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