The Ultimate Conundrum!

The following problem is one of Mathematical proportions, that even someone like me with a degree in mathematics, simply cannot solve. And to be fair, I cannot blame anyone else for the issue that I have, I am 100% to blame. Well, me and Sainsbury’s Entertainment, they really shouldn’t be that reasonably priced! My problem is as follows:

How do I fit 24 dvd’s onto my shelf, when I have room for only 8?

Many of you normal people out there, wouldn’t see this as such a huge issue, but to me, it is literally brain achingly annoying, because I am one of those strange people who are overly obsessive and protective of their DVD collection. I think I have mentioned previously on this post how anal my system of organisation is. Although, having said that, I nearly had an aneurysm that other week, when it finally dawned on me that Thor was actually in the wrong place on my shelf. I’m slacking.

Some might suggest taking the dvd’s out of their boxes, which is stupid and insane if you ask me. Some might suggest taking down some of the older ones, but like children, you just cannot choose your favourite.  How about moving to another shelf, don’t even start that, then I’ll have to tackle the fact there is no room on the TV dvd shelf and I have more to add to that. New shelf prehaps – it took my Dad a year to put up my last extension shelf, I don’t happen on another one anytime soon. If you see the pic on this post, where Will and Grace is, is the only room I have left.

I believe this problem can only be solved one way – if you happen to know, please let me know?

In other news, I managed to finally walk home in Sunshine today, I almost thought I was dreaming, it was too good to be true. It has been raining a good en here the past few days, I’m hoping this is finally the end of it! I went out for tea with my friend Helen on Tuesday, it was good to mix it up mid week and I realised just how good a cliche ridden Rom Com is, I don’t care what movie critics say – a Rom Com, like a cup of tea, could literally solve world peace. That’s about it for now!


Song Of The Day: Cannot stop playing “Diamonds” by Rihanna on me iPod.
Nail Varnish Of The Day: OPI Did It On Em’ (dropped it on the way up stairs and nearly shattered it!) and a bundle monster stamp using A-England Camelot.


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