My weekend (so far!) in pictures!

I feel this weekend so far, has been very productive! Not only did I solve the world’s greatest conundrum (see previous post), but I also managed to somehow be very crafty, while enjoying a few treats. So, without further ado, here is my weekend, in pictures, so far:

My sister went to Cornwall for a holiday and she brought me back some goodies, including a packet of sticks of rock! I do love rock, especially Edinburgh Rock, even though some people think that’s like eating chalk! So I had tucked into a few sticks this weekend.

Bundle Monster is having a Halloween nail art contest, so I have been practicing my entry on a nail ring. I am going to attempt to do it on my fingers later today.

We are having a hat day at work (don’t ask!), and having a fringe, means I don’t really suit wearing hats, so I fashion a miniature top hat on a headband and I am rather pleased with my effort!

And Finally, the one you have all been waiting for, the DVD shelves! As you can see I solve my problem by creating a floating shelf, aka sticking the ones that didn’t fit on the shelf on top of the other DVD’s and sandwiching them between two Futurama boxsets. I have to say it is genius!

So there you go, my weekend, so far, in pictures! Enjoy!


TV Shows Of The Day: Loved both Strictly and Merlin last night, I love Saturday’s at this time of the year..
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None as pre-mentioned, but let’s see how today goes!


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