Postal Service is S**T

(Disclaimer: Can I apologies in advance for the rants I do on here!!!! It seems to help!)

I really am too nice to swear lol, But the postal service in the UK, actually Royal Mail, is so beyond broken, that they think they can charge us a bucket load for the poor service.

I went to post something today, that I sold on ebay (more on that later, it’s quite amusing!), and before hand I worked out online how much it would cost ect. Well, either the prices online are wrong, or they charge me a bucket load. It cost me £5.30, to send a pair of lightweight boots, in a flimsy cardboard box, which I had to pay the lovely price of £3.49 for, so in the end they got the boots for £2.71, which is really annoying, considering that I paid £24.99 for them. I would have rather given them to charity.

And yet again, my Taylor Swift album has yet to make an appearance! I pre-ordered it and I got a dispatch on Friday, yet I haven’t got it! I don’t know if I live in some sort of postage black area or what, but royal mail seem to take forever to deliver my post! I ordered something through QVC (It was OPI Skyfall, not somethiing useless!), and that isn’t sent by royal mail. I ordered Friday, it came Monday. Now that is service!!!!

I am really considering sending them a complaint email, because the prices and they service is just shocking and I am sick to death of being extorted by them.

Speaking of the boots. I had to sell what has now been referred to in my house as the death boots. Fortunately, I didn’t list them as that on ebay, but they didn’t exactly go for the price I want, but I would have ended up donating them to charity, so in the end, it’s not all bad. anyway, I got a reply to the email I sent to the buyer about when I would post them, and she replied back telling me that they are for a theatre production company as they are very Cowboy. Now, in my defense, I though they were cowboy shape, but not exactly, call me woody! However, on reflection, maybe it’s a good thing I got rid of them. I do hope whatever production they are used in, does not involve a lot of dancing, because their feet will burn!

God, I just thought, maybe they are for a man, I do have big feet (8! Don’t laugh!). I have man shoes!!!!

I need to go buy a new pair of boots, STAT!!!!!


Thought Of The Day: Just because it’s all pre-owned and cheap, does not mean you can justify buying a butt load of DVD’s!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: OPI Skyfall Casino Royale and Barry M Silver Foil stamped on with a Bundle Monster Owl Design.


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