Half Term!!!

It is half term, thank God! lol! Mine didn’t start the best yesterday, but I won’t go into that. However, today hasn’t been too bad.

Let just say, on Saturday I went a little tiny bit crazy at the new DVD store in town that sell replay’s. In my defense, I can perfectly justify the buying of those 12 DVD’s because, a) it only cost me £20! and b) some of them were to replace all the films my nice but dim sister deleted off my box. If she hadn’t turned up however, I might have spent a wee bit more! So today, I enjoyed two movies, a new one and an old favourite. First I watched New York I Love You, which I though was good, but not as mainstream as such similar films like Valentine’s Day and New Years Ever. Then I watched Josie and The Pussycat, which is such a ridiculously fantastic film, it never fails to make me smile. I do have it on good old VHS somewhere, but as the video player downstairs has developed an eating habit, I am replacing some VHS’s with DVD’s.

So what am I do with the rest of my week? I am finally getting organised Christmas wise. I ordered a few presents today, but I need to make a good organisation chart lol. Ok, I’m not that anal but I do need to make a list. Tomorrow I am off to my friends house for tea and a movie night, so some more of those DVD’s are gonna get a use lol! The rest of the week, I don’t know, but I’ll find something to do.


Thought Of The Day: I can totally justify that spenditure on DVD’s!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: OPI Skyfall You Only Live Twice.

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