Sick – But I think it’s my own fault!

I haven’t been too well this week! I’m not really gonna go in to how I was ill and all that, I don’t want to creep you the heck out lol. Plus, that’s why we all watch medical shows!

No, it’s more the reason of how I got sick. Of which, I think I am fully to blame! Now, I never usually the one to admit that it is my own fault that I’m feeling sick, and usually I am correct. But this time, it’s all me!

Well, actually, a supermarket that shall remain nameless may also be slightly to blame too. But very similar reasons.

Anyway, enough of all that, let’s get too it. On Saturday, I made a cake, one that I had never made before, but I’m always open to something new. I liked all the ingredients that were going in the cake, so why not. Anyway, when I was making one part of the cake, I presumed from the picture, that it would be a cookie style base, as it was called cookie I think. Anyway, when I mixed all the ingredients, it looked more a cake mixture. I was thinking it would be like shortbread, which I think doesn’t have egg. But this did.

Anyway, I went with it and baked it and it came out looking OK, but not biscuit like. Step two was the chocolate topping. Now, this really was my fault. I used some in date cake covering, but part of it did look a bit iffy! So I didn’t put that bit in.

Let’s just say, on cutting, the top part wasn’t cooked properly and still, I ate it! I think it wasn’t a good idea, but it’s cake!

Needless to say, I have had an off tummy. Now, here comes the nameless supermarket. I bought something in there on Sunday, and went to eat it on Wednesday. Half way through, looked at the packet, it was out of date. Not only was it out of date, but it was sold to me out of date, by a few days.

Morale of the story, don’t use iffy looking ingredients, don’t eat half baked thing and for God sake, if your tummy’s not the best, don’t go eating out of date food!

End of story!


Thought Of The Day: I need to get back to work, 4 back to back episodes of Come Dine With Me that I had seen before! Not good!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nail cleanse didn’t last long! I’m wearing Angelica (sold in Primark), in Sorbet (a pink peach colour).


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