Freaky Dreams

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my dreams.

I don’t often remember my dreams and normally, they aren’t that weird or strange. However, the last week, I have had two rather strange and vivid dreams, that I really felt involved in and that I remember even now.

The first one, I think I understand where it comes from, because I saw a lot about it on the news. It involved New York and a plane coming back from their, bringing people safe home. Granted, that doesn’t sound at all strange, but then the plane did land in a school playground near my house. And on board was a celebrity, who shall remain nameless, that I have no idea why I dreamt of that person, but I apparently knew him like I know my own arm. Very weird.

Now the second one, this I don’t have any clue of where this might have come from, because it literally involves something that doesn’t happen to me on an every day occasion. It involved me being in something which I could describe as a casino/games arcade, but like a really scuzzy one that you would see in Blackpool, that kind of place. And all the dream involved, was me playing different games, that was it! Boring as hell, yet I remember every little detail of it.

If their are any dream expert out there, can you let me know if there if anything in these dreams that I should be concerned about – or am I really just plain nuts?!?!?!!??


Thought Of The Day: I really think I need my head tested!!!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: I finally used my second set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects, but they were a butt load of pain to apply because my hands were freezing!!!!


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