Fricking Big Ass Spider Alert!!!!

Yesterday, I had the unfortunate time of coming across a dirty big ass spider in my bathroom!!!

Now, don’t confuse me with people who over exaggerate the size of spiders, this thing was the size of a fricking grape, even without it’s legs. I was just their, going into the bathroom to take a bath, minding my own business, when it was their.

Now, I live in a place where spiders are not this size, they are the little buggers that just get on your nerves. So it was so unexpected!!! A big shout out to Company Magazine for assisting me in this emergency, aka being the perfect fly swatter! I cracked that thing against the wall, then left it under their till I finished my bath and got my Dad to dispose of the evidence.

I hope to God I never see a Spider that big again, the thing was like Spid!


Thought Of The Day: I really shouldn’t be allowed to Christmas shop, when I end up spending more money on myself, that ain’t the point!!!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: A fab new Essie called “Good As Gold” with OPI Skyfall “The Living Daylights”


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