The Worlds First Self-Proclaim Superhuman…

Bet that got you interested lol!

I am making this statement based on no Scientific evidence, other than what I have witnessed and my CC in science at GCSE (no way was I doing it for A-Level!).

I do believe I am Super Human, with my power being to control electricity!

And my evidence – I am constantly blowing light bulbs in my house!

Literally no one else in my house ever blows a light bulb, it is always me! I took 3 out in one week once! Now, I can’t claim that the light bulbs are of the highest quality, but still, 3 in one week!! That’s got be some sort of super human world record!!



Movie Of The Day: Really had too much of thinking! I watched “The Scouting Book For Boys” and really enjoyed it, although the ending left me annoyed, like most films!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: A very Children In Need Pudsey inspired look, I’ve been Pudsied!! To many varnished to name:

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