Just popping in…

So, this really isn’t going to be too much of an interesting post, as I haven’t really been up to much lately lol! Yes, I am boring.

Woke up to the sad news this morning that Merlin is ending. You probably thought I was going to say someone has died lol But seriously, I get into TV shows and if I had known earlier that this was ending this season, I would have sat and savored it a bit more. But I am defiantly on the side of Arthur finding out that Merlin is magical! I would have preferred the season to end with him finding out and then a 6th one with the aftermath of it, but there is talk of a possible movie, so still hope and plus, it doesn’t really end.

Speaking of TV shows, I have really been getting into I’m A Celebrity this year, I think they really have some great people in it. I used to watch this all the time, but then I think I gave up around season 5, but with the demise of Downton, I had nothing to watched and no matter how much I try, my Dad will not give in to my Dragon’s Den addiction (I don’t get why I love it!). I loved it on Saturday when Ashley screamed blue murder as part of her meddling task. Not as much as my Dad laughed when I, well, let me explain. I have a maths degree, so my mind often thinks mathematically. So, when it said X3 next to the BMW you could win in the competition, naturally I said, Why would anyone want 3 BMWS. Please stop laughing! Anyhoo, I don’t know who is going to win, but I kind of have a little, fixation if it’s the word, on Hugo lol! I find him endearing, is it just me? Enough to make me wanna go back on 4OD and watch the past 3 seasons of Made In Chelsea! Am I insane???

I am now freshly Shawn, as I went to the hairdressers on Saturday. Nearly came back minus an eye as the scissors stuck me just above my eyebrow, but in the hairdressers defense, I think I slightly moved when she was cutting my fringe. But I survived but I feel like I’m missing a limb as I had about half the length cut off my hair, cause it was really long.

In my randomness, I went Christmas Late Night Shopping this week and saw a Reindeer, which naturally living ina a city so small it’s almost a town, isn’t a day to day occurance. At first, I thought it might have been a well placed head dress on a Donkey, but it was in face a Reindeer. Evidence:

Anyway, the shopping it self, was a failure, in the fact that I bought one Christmas present and spent £70 on new clothes for myself!

And finally, yesterday I finally got to sit down and watch John Carter (aka From Mars, not ER!). After hearing about the fact it lost a butt load of money for Disney, you kinda prepare yourself for nothing much, but I always found the concept of it quite good. Anyway, I really truthfully enjoyed it. There is a story in there, I just think it had a lot to tell and get across to a lot of people who didn’t know the story, unlike say Harry Potter. But in all fairness, I sat there and got really into it. I don’t know why people didn’t go see it! It didn’t have the same (pardon my french!) shitiness that Prince Of Persia has, although I will admit it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. While I don’t think there will be a sequel, I hope they might reconsider.

And that’s my week!


Thought Of The Day: I own far too many calculators for one person, including one that cost £60!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: A haul from the Lena White Nicole by OPI sale – Kendall On The Katwalk. I funnily enough went round half the day with only nine nails painted as one had a plaster on that I took off.


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