I never cry at movies…

It’s a fact, even when they are really sad, a part of me just never cries at films, TV programmes ect I am dead inside lol!

Having said that, there are two films that I have been close to the brink on! Only two, yes, and probably not what you are thinking. The first one being Marley and Me. I’m sorry, but you would have to be the Tin Man to not feel like crying when the *SPOILER ALERT* Dog dies.

And the second, quite frankly is the saddest yet oddly watchable animation is have ever seen – Studio Ghibli’s Grave Of The Fireflies. If there is one thing that is going to make you cry more than a dog dying it’s *SPOILER ALERT* children dying. Even in animated form, it’s truly a beautiful movie.

So, when it said on Digital Spy today that their is a live action version in the works, I just thought I would mention it. I am more on the side of not, because I think that Grave Of The Fireflies is too good a movie to remake, even if it is to be a live action one. But, if they are adapting the sense of the story, then it could possibly work, as long as it’s not a make for make remake. We’ll see.

So, a small update on my whole I’m A Celebrity Hugo fixation. Fixation is not the word I am thinking of anymore, obsessed, maybe (I am being careful not to come off sounding like an insane person here!). I don’t know what it is, I can’t pinpoint it myself either, but it’s at the point that I am even contemplating ringing to keep him in. I am a lazy reality fan, I never vote until the final and not if it’s on ITV cause it ain’t worth the price. But get that number on speed dial, is a phrase that is popping into my head. I seriously think their is something wrong with me. If he goes tonight, I might just breakdown! God, even I think I’m insane now!

I’ll go before I embarrass myself further!!!!




Thought Of The Day: Hugo lol! Just joking, no it has predominantly been “Why Am I So Cold?????” or “God, It’s Cold”, generally anything with cold in!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: A haul from the Lena White Nicole by OPI sale (another one!) – Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue, not a usual colour for me, but strangely makes me want to eat Parma Violets.


2 thoughts on “I never cry at movies…

  1. I never knew it was based on a true story at first (God, I hope they don’t tell you that in the movie itself! I need to pay more attention). It is just so heart breaking! I think I watched it at Christmas too, what a way to depress myself!

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