Am depressed!

There was something last night that, I don’t know, I just knew I was going to be in for a sever upset. So today readers, I am in mourning! A I’m-gonna-wear-black mourning. Even my nails are in mourning (granted it’s glittery, doesn’t mean mourning can’t be zazzy!). It is so very sad…


Yes, Hugo got kicked off of I’m A Celebrity last night!!! Even the fact that his phone number was my lucky number was enough universal luck to keep him in! So, today I have been in a right mood! Who is there left to turn my obsession onto now in the Jungle, it sure as hell isn’t Eric Bristow, that would just be icky! I am destined to back watch Made In Chelsea on 4OD.

However, among all my sadness at no long seeing him in Jungle, I had the extra worrying thought. While their is a butt load of chance that he will never read this blog, it would be my sheer dumb luck that he would, think I am a crazed member of society (I’m not!!!!) and find a complete and utter maniac! If I read this, and I have, even I would think that this certain individual comes off as a crazed stalker (I’m not I hasten to add!! I live no where near Chelsea!! Common Northerner).

And that’s not the worst part, strangely enough, I would then has to explain the worst fact…


And now I have to quote my favourite and frankly fricking annoying piece of advice (deserving of blockquotes):

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!

I even find myself annoying!

In other slightly less depressing distressing news, it is coming to my fav0urite time of year and you know what that means – CHRISTMAS MOVIES. I am going to get the ball bauble rolling this weekend with one of my favourites, can you guess which it is?

Maybe it will bring me out of my depression (Yes, I am an Idiot!!!)


Thought Of The Day: Today it truly was Hugo, he shall be sadly missed (mostly because he reminds me that I still have the movie Hugo to watch!)
Nail Varnish Of The Day: A haul from the Lena White Nicole by OPI sale (another another one!) – Follow me on Glitter, (it had me at Glitter!!).


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