Still depressed

But this has got to be some kind of record blog posting wise! 4 in 4 days (or 4 in 5 if I can’t count, which with a maths degree, I should!).

I am still depressed that Hugo has left the jungle lol! I did get a wee little reprieve yesterday, because he was featured in the show slightly, but I now bound to reading interviews with him in The Sun.

What I am more depressed, strike that concerned about, is the fact that people seem to think that I am someone they should tell all their secrets too! I have had a few good en’s told to me in the past few weeks.

I didn’t realise that I was someone who people felt that they could confide to but hey ho. It wouldn’t be so bad if they told me the secret and that was that. Nope, the fact is I have the secrets and I obviously can’t tell anyone, but you have to walk around knowing that other people don’t know these secrets and you do and you can’t tell them and, God, I wish people wouldn’t tell me secrets. I am pretty much a Sheldon Cooper when it comes to the art of Secret Keeping!

I haven’t told anyone obviously and it’s not as if there all bad secrets, ones quite exciting, but I am going to have to rely on my good old memory to forget them – I have enough of my own!

That got you excited!

So to make room for all these secrets, I’ll offload one of mine:

I have a secret ambition to go and work for the Australian Border Control services, after watching to much Border Control on Pick TV.

Not the juiciest of secrets, were you expecting more, lol! That should allow for a bit more secret space in my brain!

This weekend is very exciting as my decorations are going up for Christmas. Quite frankly, if it weren’t weird, I’d keep the buggers up all year round. They should really invent a holiday for each month. I shall post pics tomorrow!


Song Of The Day: Not had one of these in a while. I can’t get Taylor Swift’s “All To Well” out of my head, such a beautiful storytelling song!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None at the mo and I am currently with stumps, after cutting off all my nails!

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