I hate phones! Fact

Hello everyone!

So, I have been stuck on the phone today, trying to call a call centre. Why are they such hard places to ring!!! It’s insane.

So, what have I been up to. I’m gonna say not a lot lol! I think the cold which I had last week is not coming back, which is a bloody pain, but I do hope that it is gone before Christmas next week. It’s not nice opening a gift or eating your Christmas dinner while sneezing and coughing all over it.

I have continued with my Christmas Movie Weekends, and the other week I watched a Muppet Christmas Carol which I used to be absolutely terrified of as a child. I think with the Muppets, the Sesame Street ones were more child friendly, while I always watched The Muppet Babies and Fraggle Rock cartoons, but the live action ones were kind of freaky. But now, I can totally appreciate how good it is, as well as Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, although that still is kind of a weird film but very very fantasy.

This weekend gone, I watched Jingle All The Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which I know some people think it probably really cheesy, but come on, doesn’t everyone need a bit of good old fashion cheese at Christmas.

Other films that you should watch at Christmas are, The Santa Clause with Tim Allen (classic!), Love Actually and The Holiday, Stardust (this was released at Christmas, so goes in this category), Home alone 1 & 2 and one of my personal favourites, The Forgotten Toys.

I probably will post again before Christmas, but if I don’t, I hope everyone have a very Merry (and safe and happy) Christmas.


Thoughts Of The Day: Your never two old to make a Paper Chain!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nothing but I’m getting my nails ready to go with my work’s do outfit.

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