Christmas is Coming To Town

Were still here, and it’s nearly Christmas!!!!

I am getting very very excited now, although I still literally have this bloody cold! And, even thought this is something that I don’t wanna admit and luckily it’s not true, last night I thought I had nits!!! I work in an environment where nits are a part of the job and I have got them twice in the past few year, because I have really thick hair so they like to cling on lol! But luckily, no nits! I am nit free! Today I am going to be watching some more Christmas movies, including another Muppet based one. Last year, from ebay, I got a video of this incredible Muppet Christmas special from the 80’s I think, were all the Muppets, Fraggles, Sesame Street characters and what not are altogether! I remember watching it at Christmas years ago on the television and I haven’t actually watched it yet, because the damn VHS player has broken (yes I still own a VHS player!), and I have one on the telly upstairs, but it’s cold up there lol!!

I have some very strange shaped Christmas presents this year. I think one is a yard of Jaffa Cakes, because I’m crazy insane for them lol! But I have two that shape lol! I am going to go into a Jaffa Cake induced coma!

I think after Xmas and all the Xmas TV fantasticness (do not get me started on Strictly last night, well ticked off! But Merlin was fab!), I am going to do some post on the best of 2012 movies, tv ect and a few other bits, so let me know what yours are.

Sorry for the boring post!


Thoughts Of The Day: This is a repetative one that I am forever thinking of, but it just doesn’t go away, leggings are NOT trousers, so cover your rear end, we can see your underpant!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: A bargin Revlon blue called 044 Blue Lagoon, but it’s chipped to high heaven because I was wrapping gifts too!

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